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The archangel Michael is perhaps the most famous of all of God’s archangels, and this isn’t surprising. Michael plays critical roles in our lives. We will need his help in many situations. Here’s more about his purpose, how to call on him, and recognise him when he arrives.

Archangel Michael Description

Archangel Michael’s name means ‘ Chief of the archangels’ or ‘ God’s highest messenger’. You’ll gather from his description that he’s the archangel above all archangels. His name also means ‘ who is like God’, and in essence, he is.

The Archangel Michael guides souls that are about to cross over to the afterlife. According to the Testament of Abraham, Abraham asked the Lord if he could tour the world so that he wouldn’t die in vain. Michael was the archangel who took him on this tour.

Archangel Michael wields significant power, but he’s the consummate servant. He’s entirely dependent on God’s power. In Jude 1:9, Michael argued with the Devil over the body of Moses. Instead of presuming judgment, he merely said, ‘ the Lord rebuke you’.

Archangel Michael also stands guard over Israel. He came to Daniel in his last vision and detailed what would happen to the Jews. Although the Bible never states what Michael’s responsibilities are, he’s Israel’s benefactor.

Michael is God’s military commander. In the Book of Revelations, he leads God’s archangels in a fight again Satan and his demons. He wins and throws them down to Earth.

Michael has a prominent role on Judgement Day. The Book of Daniel (12:1) states that there would be a time great trouble, followed by the resurrection of the Dead, some to eternal salvation, and others to shame.

Archangel Michael Crystal Affinities

Michael is the archangel of Fire and Strength. Thus, he has links with yellow, gold, and purple. The stones he connects with – gold topaz, sugilite, amber- have these vibrant colours as well.

The purple crystal, sugilite, helps to clear blockages in the body and increase spiritual awareness. Amber is one of the best stones to use when contacting archangel Michael as it ignites a person’s passion and vigour. Golden topaz puts you in contact with archangel Michael because it’s the stone of strength and courage.

How to recognise the archangel Michael

Michael is the most majestic of God’s archangels and is thus the easiest to recognise. He wears armour and carries either a sword or the Scales of Justice. Altogether, he has a warrior-like appearance.

His voice is the clearest of God’s archangels as well. Hear him speak in a booming tone, filled with truth. Feelings of peace and safety will overcome you. The archangel Michael leaves science behind as well. You’ll find a feather, the symbol of his guiding presence. Since his colour is purple, you’ll see shimmers of purple light.

An archangel Michael Story

A woman named Melanie recalled an encounter with archangel Michael after an argument with her husband, Dave. The couple seldom quarrelled and always prayed the rosary together.

The one they had that night was serious, and they didn’t talk for hours. Melanie was unused to praying without Dave but tried to do so by herself. She found it difficult because she felt troubled. But she remembered archangel Michael and reached out to him quietly.

After a few minutes of praying, she saw a silhouette of a warrior with wings. She did not doubt that it was archangel Michael. He told her to go back to bed and assured her of Dave’s love. Dave hugged and kissed her the next day.

In all, archangel Michael is a warrior who protects our spirituality. He’s the perfect guide when we are in distress and will give us peace of mind.

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