My mission and my intention.

My name is Ovidiu Catarig. I start to learn to meditate with Archangels, Guardian Angel and other highly developed spiritual being about 25 years ago. After I have learn to meditate with them I understood that I have to pass on my understanding and my knowledge about Archangels and Guardian Angel to people, like you, that seek for spiritual knowledge.

My mission is to open your heart toward the magic of Archangels reality and with Archangels help and bless to remove suffering from your life and bring peace, harmony, divine love, happiness and bliss in your heart. I wish to bring Archangels bless and help in your life, to create your Own Life Shifts Moments that will change EVERYTHING in your life.

My intention is to keep you in touch with Archangels and their divine reality. This will bring you the magic of Archangels realm deep in your life with their blessing.

Once you understand that Archangels and Guardian Angel can be the best allies for you, your life will improve radically and give you a tremendous power of acting.