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It may frighten some people to know that they’ll meet the Angel Azrael on their deathbeds, but their anxieties are unfounded. He’s a source of help and comfort.

Azrael is the archangel to turn to if your loved one faces a critical illness. He eases the transition from heaven to Earth.

    Description and Meaning

Azrael is the consummate helper. His name means ‘He who helps God’. His responsibility is to assist God’s people when they are in need. Consequently, he will remove the obstacles in the way of your spiritual growth.

The angel Azrael is also the Angel of Death. He guides people through the death process and helps them feel secure. This archangel eases their suffering and simplifies their transitions to the other world.

Azrael is God’s administrator. He keeps track of each person’s life and erasers their names when they pass away. A leaf falls from heaven when a person is about to die. Azrael has to collect his soul within 40 days. He offers comfort to the person’s loved ones and protects them with his wings. He provides them healing energy and love.

Another of Azrael’s responsibilities is to teach people to differentiate between truth and illusion. Call on him for wisdom in stressful situations.

    Crystal Affinities

Because of his primary role in helping the deceased transit to the afterlife, the Angel Azrael has associations with Yellow or Honey Calcite.

Calcite is the stone that increases energy and self-worth. Thus, it boosts healing. It also raises spiritual awareness, needed for crossing over to the afterlife.

    When to Call on Azrael

You would call on Azrael if you need his help to comfort the sick and dying. He is the angel to turn to for grief counseling. He offers material, spiritual, and emotional support to those who are in distress.

    How to recognize Azrael

Everyone will encounter the Angel Azrael when it’s their time to die. He will appear in creamy white. He has wings and carries a scythe.

Angel Azrael Stories

There is no direct reference to Azrael in the Bible. However, soon experts claim that a judge and scribe named Ezra appears in the second book of Esdras. He has the distinction of having entered Heaven without Death’s taint. Critics debate if Azrael and another angel, Salathiel, are the same being.

An Albanian teenager named Thano recounts how his father encountered Azrael. Doctors had diagnosed his grandmother with liver cancer, and she needed an artificial implement to keep it functioning.

Thano went to bed while his mom watched TV. His father drank a glass of milk and turned in as well.

A loud knock woke his father in the wee hours of the morning. He heard someone turning the doorknob of the door to his room. The door suddenly opened, and Angel Azrael stood before him with black, feathered wings. He was tall, thin, and muscular. In his hands was a giant scythe.

Thano’s father asked what the angel wanted but received no answer. He finally got the point of his visit and asked if his mother was going to die. The angel gave him a sad nod and left the room.

Thano’s father asked a priest about it the next day. The terrified priest told him the angel’s name. Thanos ’ grandma died after an unsuccessful surgery a few days later.

In all, few people want to consider the prospect of death, But Azrael helps us through the crisis with comfort and assurance.

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