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When you feel discouraged or can’t seem to bring yourself to love the things around you, the Archangel Haniel will come to your rescue.

Archangel Haniel Description

Archangel Haniel’s name means ‘Glory of God’. She is typically feminine, and radiates empowering blue-white energy. She reminds us of our natural grace and that God created us in His image.

Haniel connects best with astrologers because she aligns with the stars and moon. She guided the astrologers of Babylon in biblical times. Haniel specialises in divinity and healing.

The Archangel Haniel connects us with the Wisdom of Ancient Healing. She guides us in this aspect and teaches us to use natural remedies for present purposes. She associates best with flower essences, crystals, and herbs. She also helps us tap into the healing powers of the sun and moon.

The Archangel Haniel teaches us how to use our psychic abilities as well. She reminds us that everyone has intuition and uses it unconsciously. Hence, she enables us to use this ability wisely. She shows us how to rely onrely for our personal development.

In this capacity, Haniel is the archangel who will guide us towards the plans and books that will fulfil our developmental needs. She will also assist us if we wish to further our psychic abilities.

Archangel Haniel is also the Ambassador of Grace. Thus, she helps us carry ourselves with graciousness. Haniel is with us during interviews and at other times when we need to conduct ourselves with poise.

Archangel Haniel is around when we encounter anything that’s unforgiving. She prevents our cynicism and reminds us of the grace that flows through all things. Haniel moves us through times of darkness and connects us with our inner Grace. She reminds us of our integrity and inherent divinity.

Haniel is the archangel of peace and empathy. She recognises our sensitivities and connects us with the grace that we already have.

Archangel Haniel Crystal Affinities

Archangel Haniel has an affinity with potions and crystals, particularly emeralds.That’s because she’s the archangel of psychics.

Calling on Archangel Haniel

Call on Haniel if you’re going through intense emotions, and she will help you manage them. If you’re having trouble realising your full potential, she’ll help you conduct yourself with poise.

Rely on Archangel Haniel to create positive change. She will keep you centred no matter how tense a situation Is.

How to recognize Archangel Haniel

You’ll know that Archangel Haniel is with you if you see a turquoise light. It indicates the Power of Perception. Another sign that Archangel Haniel is near is you have a sudden affinity with the moon , for she has associations with it,

In all, Archangel Haniel is the archangel you need should you feel disconnected or over-emotional. He’ll guide you through situations which seem unmanageable with panache. Haniel will help you find your natural grace.


Archangel Haniel attune group session via Skype

Archangel Haniel attune group session via Skype

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