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If you receive prophetic messages, it may be the Archangel Jeremiel at work.

Jeremiel is the Archangel who details events that are about to unfold in our lives. He communicates with us in our dreams, and delivers extraordinary visions.

Who is the Archangel Jeremiel?

The Archangel Jeremiel is quiet and prefers to take a back seat to other Archangels like Michael and Gabriel. He is the Archangel of telepathy, so he typically sends messages through visual imagery. He chats with us via mental movies and symbols.

The Archangel Jeremiel help us interpret prophetic visions and make sense of our memories so that we can make positive decisions. He also teaches through Clairsentience (feelings) so if you have an instinct that an event is about to occur, it’s probably him at work.

The Archangel Jeremiel helps us manage our emotions, He helps us understand the circumstances that have led to our emotional states. He reviews our lives and reveals the behavioural patterns that have moulded them. This archangel then aligns us with our life purposes.

The Archangel Jeremiel works with souls who have entered the afterlife. He also conducts ‘death reviews’ (glimpses of their lives) to help them heal and get their souls ready for the next stages of their journeys.He teaches that the choices we make are opportunities to learn, grow, share, and experience the blessings of being alive in the physical realm.

The Archangel Jeremiel also teaches that each second of our lives is a chance to share and experience blessings. He shows us that, as hard as life may be, it’s a beautiful gift. Jeremiel offers respite for us when we’re at life’s crossroads, and reminds us why we’re alive. Archangel Jeremiel gets us to release our burdens and uplifts us so that we can improve our emotional states.

Archangel Jeremiel Crystal Affinities

Jeremiel radiates with the colour purple, so the gemstone that aligns best with his energy is the violet amethyst. Wear an amethyst pendant if you wish to connect with him.

Calling on Archangel Jeremiel

Call on Archangel Jeremiel should you need answers to knotty problems in your life. He’ll give you a clue via a prophetic vision in your dreams.

Also, ask for his guidance if you need to take stock of your life. Again, he’ll send you visions of your blessings, and remind you to cherish them.

How to recognize Archangel Jeremiel

You’d recognize Jeremiel if you notice a purple light ray. You’ll suddenly receive fresh ideas, and they’ll be wonderful. Positivity will overcome your negativity. You’ll come to understand the information that you didn’t before.

In all, the Archangel Jeremiel facilitates prophecy, inspiration and positivity. He provides the fresh ideas we need to manage tough problems.

Archangel Jeremiel attune session via Skype

Archangel Jeremiel attune group session via Skype

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