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If you are in need of the healing of your mind, body, and spirit, Archangel Raphael is ready to connect with you. He is the Archangel who brings respite and strength to the infirm.

Archangel Raphael Description

Archangel Raphael’s name means ‘ God has healed’, and that’s what Rafael does. He gives rest to the body, mind, and spirit. With his guidance, you can tap into your body’s ability to heal itself.

There are times when archangel Raphael provides miraculous healing, though this doesn’t always happen. He sometimes advises us to take the actions necessary for it.

Archangel Raphael heals not only physically but also emotionally. He is the Archangel to turn to when our spirits are down. He arranges for their release.

The Archangel Raphael also helps travellers. Seek his protection when you’re on a road trip or on board a plane. He will surround you and your fellow travellers with blessings for the journey. Raphael will ensure your well-being during your holiday and help you overcome the challenges you may encounter. People regard him as the patron of travellers because he healed a blind Tobit in the Book of Tobit in the Bible. He also delivered Sarah, Tobit’s daughter-in-law, from the demon Asmodeus.

Artists often describe archangel Raphael as holding a staff. He also stands over a fish, alluding to the healing of Tobit, who walked like one.

Archangel Raphael Crystal affinities

As the divine healer, archangel Raphael connects with the colour green. He associates with the Emerald. Wear an emerald pendant if you wish to communicate with him.

Calling on Archangel Raphael

You would call on archangel Raphael if you need physical, emotional, or spiritual healing. Seek his help if you’re about to embark on a journey or have a lost pet.

How to recognise Archangel Raphael

You would know that archangel Raphael is present if you suddenly have ideas that will promote healing. He will whisper in feelings, dreams, and visions. This archangel will point solutions out in some way and guide medical professionals to make sound decisions. Note that he has a sense of humour when he offers his help. He may tease you by putting a book into your shopping cart that you’ve never seen before.

You would also have a profound appreciation of nature. You will suddenly spot animals or pets that are particularly beautiful or striking.

If you struggle with your relationships, seek his solace. He will mend them for you. A green light tells you that he is near.

Archangel Raphael Stories

Archangel Raphael appears in the Gospel of John stirring the healing pool of Bethsaida. In the Muslim tradition, he has the name Israhi, and God commands him to announce the Day of Resurrection.

In the Jewish tradition, he appears to Abraham at the Oak Grove of Mamre. He comes with archangels Michael and Gabriel. Archangel Raphael watches over the terrestrial and celestial worlds.

In all, if you or your pet need healing of body and mind, ask for Archangel Raphael’s help.

Archangel Raphael attune session via Skype

Archangel Raphael attune group session via Skype

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