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Do you want to deepen your faith? The Archangel Raziel will help you come to a greater understanding of it. He’s the Archangel you need if you wish to draw closer to God.

Archangel Raziel Description

What people believe is that the archangel Raziel wrote the Book of the archangel Raziel, which contains the Universe’s Mysteries. Archangel Raziel gave the book to Adam before the latter’s banishment from the Garden of Eden.

The book has the secrets that God wishes to share with human beings. It points people toward prosperity and teaches them to make decisions that would satisfy their needs. Archangel Raziel gave Adam the book to help him survive this world. As such, he is the patron Archangel of human beings.

Archangel Raziel also gives people an understanding of Heaven, Earth, and Hell. He provides the information about these places in this book. He details the types of Archangels and Demons that are in this world.

Turn to archangel Raziel if you want direction for your life. He will guide you to the path that suits you.

Archangel Raziel understand the challenges to our faith and gives us the necessary tools to strengthen it. He knows when something is about to shatter it and sends messages to help us defend it. As such, call on him when you want to develop it.

If you are stuck on a creative task, call on archangel Raziel. If you suddenly feel inspired, it’s probably him giving you a hand. He will grant you the ideas that you need. Whether it is creating a story or unknotting a problem, this archangel is here to help.

Archangel Raziel Crystal Affinities

A fitting stone to use when connecting with archangel Raziel is clear quartz since all the mysteries of the universe are apparent to him. It brings perception and divine guidance.

Calling on archangel Raziel

Call on archangel Raziel if you wish to uncover your psychic gifts. He will also help you understand the mysteries of faith. This archangel will also help you perceive love when there doesn’t seem to be any.

Seek his guidance when your ideas are lacking. He will help you access your inner wisdom. You will also need this archangel if you want the perfect job. He will point you to the places where you can find one.

Archangel Raziel helps us release behaviours that may limit our moral development. He helps us make wise moral choices.

How to recognize Archangel Raziel

You will be able to perceive things beyond your senses if archangel Raziel is near. Since he’s the archangel of mysteries, he delights in building your extrasensory perception. He may send his messages through sounds or strong emotions.

Your faith will strengthen as well. If you wish to learn more about God, it may be him working with you.

To add, you will have heightened creativity. You will go about your tasks with great passion and have new ideas. Things that were a mystery before will suddenly become clear to you. You know that archangel Raziel is near when you see a rainbow light.

Archangel Raziel Stories

In the Jewish tradition, Raziel is the Archangel who determines wisdom. He stood so near God that he knew all God’s secrets. Archangel Raziel states that Creative Energy starts with spiritual thoughts, then manifests in the Physical Realm. As we get the Christian tradition, the Jewish tradition also says that archangel Raziel gave Adam the Sefer Raziel HaMalach,(Book of Raziel the Archangel).

He also rules over the second level of Heaven and helps to protect the other archangels.

All said this archangel is near you when you want to make sense of the mysteries of faith. He will help you understand God, your life, and yourself.

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