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You’ll love archangel Sandalphon if you’re a music teacher or lover. He’ll have tunes ringing in your head every time you call on him. 

Archangel Sandalphon Description

Meet the archangel who rules over music in heaven. He helps people on Earth meditate with music and communicate with it in prayer. 

The word ‘Sandalphon’ means ‘Co-brother’. He is the spiritual brother of the archangel of Children, Metatron. The two brothers lived human lives before becoming archangels. Believers say that Sandalphon spent time on Earth as the prophet Elijah. 

You can consider archangel Sandalphon Heaven’s artist. He receives prayers from people as they enter Heaven, and weaves them into spiritual flower garlands to present to God. You can think of Sandalphon as Heaven’s email service.

Some believers say that archangel Sandalphon leads the guardian archangels; still, others say that this role belongs to the archangel Barachiel. According to Christianity, God assigns each of us a Guardian archangel as a friend for life. This archangel watches over us and intercedes for us in stressful situations.

Archangel Sandalphon is the archangel of Talents; he teaches people to use their gifts. Call on him if you have trouble discerning them. 

Artists depict archangel Sandalphon as playing music. According to Jewish tradition, he is a tall figure. In the Bible, Moses described him as being tall. 

Archangel Sandalphon Crystal Affinities

Archangel Sandalphon aligns with the colour red as archangel Uriel does. He connects with the Turquoise gemstone. Wear a Turquoise pendant if you wish to communicate with Him. 

Calling on archangel Sandalphon

You would call on archangel Sandalphon if you wish to use music to communicate your prayer. He is also the archangel to align with if you want to know what your talents are. 

Note that archangel Sandalphon isn’t the most popular archangel; most of us communicate with the likes of archangels Michael or Gabriel. That said, he brings help faster than the rest can because of his superior Earthly connection. 

Recognising archangel Sandalphon

Since archangel Sandalphon walked the earth before becoming a Heavenly Being, he has a powerful connection with it. You will feel inspired to take care of the Earth if he is near. 

You will also know the right words to say to God. Archangel Sandalphon urges you to pray and gets you to focus better on your prayers. He grounds you in your faith and enables your spirituality. 

Archangel Sandalphon Stories

Remember that archangels are androgynous (neither male nor female). In the Greater Key of Solomon, archangels Sandalphon is the feminine cherub of the Ark. He gathers the prayers of believers and forms them into floral garlands. 

Ancient philosophers referred to him as ‘Orphan’, or Wheel in Hebrew. He is the wheel that Ezekiel witnessed in his vision. archangel Sandalphon also brings about gender differences in embryos. 

In all, archangel Sandalphon is a musician and the Email service you can count on if you want to communicate with God effectively. Turn to him to find the appropriate hymns to use to pray.

Archangel Sandalphon attune session via Skype

Archangel Sandalphon attune group session via Skype

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