Archangel Haniel attune session – guided meditation
Archangel Metatron attune session – guided meditation

Archangel Jophiel attune session



In this session we will contact Archangel Jophiel and will establish a good and stable connection with him. We will attune with Archangel Jophiel and “download” his exceptionally energies in our energy fields.

Keeping us in his extraordinary energy will raise our frequency and help us raise our personal vibration to that particular level nedeed for us to experience creatice and spiritual illumination.

After we will establish a good connection with Archangel Jophiel, we can ask him to help us to heal negative emotions and trauma and bring us beautiful and peaceful mind that can help us organize our home and work spaces.

One-to-One Session guided meditation will be on Zoom or Skype.

If you don’t want to participate and meditate together, during the session, it is ok. I will do it for you by myself only. In this case I will need a clear photo with your face.

Please email me your photo at:

After you will pay for this session you will receive in your email, link for book an appointment for it in my Google Calendar, if we will meditate together.

If not, I will let you know when I will do it for you.

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