45 min. Zoom or Skype Session

Archangels Guided Meditation – Transform fear & panic about COVID-19 pandemic into awareness, love and hope

£220.00 £105.00

Transform fear & panic about COVID-19 pandemic into awareness & love


Healing negative effects of COVID-19 (fear& panic) with All Archangels bliss and help

We’re all aware of the global pandemic and of the fear and panic spreading across the world right now.

You can choose to spread fear and panic. Or you can choose to spread love, compassion and hope.

Your choice will make a huge difference to your mindset and to the quality of your thoughts, feelings and actions,

as well as to… the life you live and those lives you touche each and every day.

This special guided meditation will heal your low frequency, and vibe and negative energy that will aloud you to infect with Corona virus Covid-19 and I will teach you how to spread love, compassion, love, balance and harmony in your life.

After you will pay for this healing guided meditation you will receive in your email link for download this meditation.

Our advice is to make this meditation 7 consecutive days, at least.

For better results, make it for 21 days.

For best results, make it for 60 days.