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Soul negative energy clearing session

Aura & Soul negative energy clearing session



Aura & Soul negative energy clearing with all Archangels help and blessing

In this session I will attune you with all Archangels at once in order to establish a very good connection with all Archangels.

After that, I will ask all Archangels to clear all negative energy from your aura and your soul.

Aura energy field and your soul energetic structure can be sometimes “poisoned” with negative energies.

These negative energies will affect our optimal functionality of subtle structures that will be reflected in bad or poor functioning of our physical body.

It is very important to us to clear constant these kind of energies from our aura.

Soul energetic structure is a very intimate core of our inner being structure. It is a core of our being. If this structure has negative energy, gradually our life will be affected and “poisoned”.

It is very important for us to remove as soon as possible these bad/negative energy from our soul.

I will make this session by myself alone. All I need is your clear face photo.

I will let you know when I will start the session.Will take around 40 minutes for finish it.

All these will be done with all Archangels help and bless.

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