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All Chakras Clearing and Re-balancing



Chakra Clearing and Re-balancing with all Archangels attune help session Р£189 for 15 min. discussion and 15 min. guided meditation session

In this session I will attune you with  all Archangels at once in order to establish a very good connection between you and all Archangels.

After that, I will ask all archangels to make possible for us all chakra clearing and re-balancing it with their help.

In this session your energy centers will be cleared, cleansed, re-aligned and re-energized. If our energy centers (chakras) are blocked or imbalanced or full of

negative energy the zone of our body connected with this chakra will be affected and this chakra will not works proper.

It is important for us to constant clear and re-balance our energy centers to improve our health.

I will make this session by myself alone. All I need is your clear face photo.

I will let you know when I will start the session.Will take around 40 minutes for finish it.

All will be done with all Archangels help and bless.


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