Attune your soul with all Archangels for 22 days
Guiding and helping soul to enter in the Light – 5 sessions

Guiding soul in his journey after death for first 17 days – 17 sessions



Helping and guiding soul in his journey for first 17 days after death – 17 sessions: one session per day

We all know that soul, after he lives our world will enter in the Light. This is the best option, ever. But, if the soul made mistakes and bad choices in

his life on the Earth, it can not go in the Light so easy. For this especially situation, I will make a special meditation with all archangels at once and ask them to help this soul and to guide it to enter as soon as possible in the Light.

I will ask all archangels to infuse their extraordinary energy and light in his/her soul and help and support it through this after life journey.

It is very important for the soul that pass away to have a proper support in his first 3 weeks from the day away.

After you pay these sessions I kindly ask you to send me the photo and the name of the one that just passed away.

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