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Harmonize Family Energies with Energetic Feng Shui


Harmonize your Family Energies with energetic Feng Shui.


In ancient times in China they were harmonize empereur family energies with Feng Shui.

But Feng Shui real use is not for harmonize our home or buildings or relationships. In ancient times in China Feng Shui was used for harmonize the graves of ancestors. If ancestors energies was in harmony all their followers live in peace, abundance and harmony. It is well known that when someone want to obtain the power and to rule a region or a group of people all that these person have to do is to disturb the harmony – Feng Shui of the graves of the people that rule now. For that reason graves was defended wth army.

If you understand the basics of these information, for you will be “a must” to harmonize your ancestors energy in order to live a happy, abundant and peaceful life, you and your children and their children.

In this session I will make harmonization of your ancestors energies (3 generations). All will be done with help and bless of all archangels at once.

I will make this session by myself alone. All I need are your members family photos.

I will let you know when I will start the sessions and when I will finish it.

Usually, this kind of working will take 2-3 sessions (around 45 min per sessions) in 2-3 consecutive days.

Price is for all 2-3 necessary sessions.

All will be done with all Archangels help and bless.