Business space negative energy clearing and infusing Divine Light in it
Remove bad / negative karma session

Negative Energy Clearing session



Negative Energy Clearing session with all Archangels attune help

In this guided meditation session I will attune with all Archangels at once in order to establish a very good connection between you and all Archangels.

After that, I will ask them to make possible for you a negative energy clearing and get away negative energy from all your structures, with their help.

It will be like you will have a full of intense light energy shower that will remove from you any negative energy. After that we will feel like a new born with a fresh sensation and feeling.

I will make this session by myself alone. All I need is your clear face photos.

I will let you know when I will start the sessions and when I will finish it.

All will be done with all Archangels help and bless.

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