Remove Family Bad Karma with all Archangels attune help session


Remove Family Bad Karma with all Archangels attune help session

The law of karma maintains that every action has a “cause and effect,” meaning that each action produces karmic energy that will for sure return to you. This energy could circle back to you in a future lifetime or could be passed down your family lineage, which is known as family karma.

Some of us have been carrying these burdens since birth because karmic energy can manifest at an unconscious level. If your relatives have been reincarnating into the same family lineage as different members of the family, the same family dynamic could keep perpetuating. You could also have DNA karma that’s been passed down to you, which isn’t difficult to imagine given that everything is universal energy and we’re all fundamentally connected to one another.

Whether you like it or not, the connection you have to your family is much greater than genetics, especially to your mother. When you’re born, you’re literally attached to her via an umbilical cord.

So, it is very important for our spiritual evolution and for our day to day life to remove that type of karma as quick as possible.

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