Spiritual Training / Mentoring Available for Private Sessions – 1 hour session on Skype


Private Spiritual Training / Mentoring is available by 1:1 live video conference on Skype. This is best way to learn, develop & ask questions in a safe, trusted, supportive environment. We will be training & mentoring you from an intuitive (psychic) level, witch gives your session an extra profound meanings. Sessions are for ALL LEVELS (from basic to advanced). You will need to discuss your individual needs with Ovidiu. You will find Ovidiu to be extremely friendly, compassionate, ethical, knowledgeable and professional.

I can guide you in these areas:

Affected by the energy of other people or events. Relationships affected by bad energy. Psychic development. Chakras clearing and balancing. Communicating with angels and archangels and earning to ask their help in your life. Techniques for psychic protection. Clearing negative energy from your chakras and aura. Elevate your energetic and personal frequency. Meditate with angels and archangels. Clearing negative energy from your house.

Dealing with death of your relatives (parents, lovers, brothers and sisters, etc). Instead of being paralyzed by suffering, you can learn how to be proactive and help the love one that just left this world, on their afterlife journey.

Understanding your life and your life mission.

Increasing your self-awareness and awakening.

Increasing your level of communication with your soul and your deep being.

Improving your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Connect/reconnect with God and His Angels and Archangels.

Soul healing and enhancement.


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