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Shielding & Protection Enhancement



Shielding & Protection Enhancement with all Archangels attune help session – £150 for 15 min. discussion and 15 min. guided meditation session

In this session, I will ask all Archangels to come and make an impenetrable protection shield around you that will protect you against all kind of inferior or negative energies and all kind of psychic attacks.

Shielding & protection is very important for us, in this world, because many people will manifest or send toward us many kind of inferior or negative energy.

This negative energy will attach to our energy fields and will consume our day to day energy. If we don’t remove it these energies will be like a parasite in our energy fields.

In time we will be very tired and this tired will decrease our capacity of response to life challenging. It’s like we will be invaded by parasites. If we will not remove it,  we will be very affected in time, in a very negative manner.

I will make this session by myself alone. All I need is your clear face photo.

I will let you know when I will start the session.Will take around 40 minutes for finish it.

All will be done with all Archangels help and bless.


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