Soul negative energy clearing session with all Archangel attune help via Skype – £189 for 15 min. discussion and 15 min. guided meditation one-to-one session.


In this guided meditation session we will attune with all Archangels at once in order to establish a very good connection with all Archangels. After that, we will ask all Archangels to clear all negative/bad energy from  your soul.

Soul energetic structure is a very intimate core of our inner being structure. It is a core of our being. If this structure has negative energy, gradually our life will be affected and “poisoned”. It is very important for us to remove as soon as possible these bad/negative energy from our soul.

This session via Skype will be for 15 min. discussion and 15 min. guided meditation.

After you will pay for this session you will receive in your email, link for book an appointment for it in my Google Calendar.


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